What is a Camp Partner ?

Our Financial PartnersThose who provide us with the necessary funds to improve the buildings, grounds and equipment. Assembly Park is small as some camps go but this gives great opportunity for personal involvement. This camp is a real treasure!

Some of our partners are:

  • District churches that support on a monthly basis
  • District Women’s Ministries
  • District Student Ministries
  • District Girls Ministries
  • Many individuals 

Our Working Partners: The builders, cleaners, painters, landscapers, plumbers, electricians and other volunteers who keep this camp running smoothly and bring yearly improvements.

Where do they come from?
  • They are individuals that share their skills
  • Men's groups
  • Youth groups
  • Churches
  • Camp action teams

Bring a group from your church this year! 
Turn it into an outing
and who knows, you just might catch a fish! 

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April 15 through May 31

A great opportunity as a men or women's ministry outing!

Other days may be open for projects ... please call ahead.

 Gary Bell    715.533.1176
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Some projects to be completed in 2019
  • rake and clean camp
  • clean and plant flower beds
  • replace sound board and some sound equipment
  • replace wheel on dock
  • replace all paper dispensers 
  • pull and replace well pump
  • fill in two door openings with concret block 
  • fix any broken screens
  • shingle kitchen/dining building
  • service all boat motors,tractor and golf carts
  • power wash buildings and basketball court
  • excavate and build retaining wall , north side dinning
  • range hood in kitchen
  • concrete sidewalk chapel to men's shower building 
  • extend gravel drive to garage
  • set up beach and beach equipment
  • touch up paint in cabins
  • touch up paint in kitchen/dining
  • set up new stage background
  • roofing on D cabin and Kitchen/dining
  • tile walls in lady's showers
  • recarpet pontoon
  • touch up painting in cabin rooms